Karin R. from Vienna, Austria:
"The relaxation -right up to a pronounced trancelike stat- is remarkably deep. So far I have not been able to reach anything similar with any other kind of relaxation music.
I noticed that I can change moods. I frequently suffer from exhaustion connected with feelings of despondency. During prolonged conflicts (in my job) I can reach massive emotions of fear. When listening to this CD there is always a noticeable improvement of mood. For me this is remarkable, because I cannot achive similar results with any other relaxation technique, like autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation."

Madalina Gheorge from Ratingen, Germany:
"I am more efficient since I started listening to this CD, I can concentrate better...
...Also, since I am listening to the CD on a regular basis, I dream a lot more, especially on weekends when I sleep in. I then have vivid memories of my dreams. ... Overall I sleep better, and feel more rested after sleep."

Karin E. from Vienna, Austria:
"My state before listening: usually restless; after listening: peaceful, relaxed, with the feeling 'everything is taken care of.'
... I cannot notice any big changes in my general condition, except it helps me to fall asleep in stressful times."

Ruth Feichtinger from Theresienfeld, Austria:
"In the evening I fall easily asleep after listening to the CD, and my sleep is sound. If I listen during the day, if I am tired befor listening, I am awake but relaxed afterwards.
I believe the regular listening to DeepHarmony is very helpful for my therapy process..."

Karin F. from Vienna, Austria:
"It makes me CALM in a way I have not known before ... a state of calmness, like in the center of the cyclone."

Agnes S. from Vienna, Austria:
"The heart relaxes, the mind is filled with peace...."

Sabine K. from Schwülpe, Germany:
"Falling asleep or finding rest during the day is very successful for me with the CD DeepHarmony :: peace."