How does Deep Harmony work?

Deep Harmony compositions consist of several parts, or layers:

The majority of the processes that trigger people into unpleasant states of stress and over-stimulation happen unconsciously. Thus it is primarily the unconscious that is stressed – in our consciousness we note the secondary results: we have difficulties falling asleep, are less patient with others, are irritated by details, etc. That is why Deep Harmony is primarily addressing the subconscious.

Music and nature sounds influence the psyche and the hormone system in a variety of ways. Most of these effects are not registered by consciousness. The audible parts of the composition are selected for their soothing and relaxing effects - which of course is different for different people.

The hissing sound is so called pink noise, the most commonly occurring sound in nature. Pink noise contains all audible frequencies. Rain, surf, the murmuring of a brook or the wind in trees - all these sounds consist mostly of pink noise. The right dose of it conveys security. Pink noise is also a necessary ingredient in order for the binaural beats to unleash their full power.

The binaural beats are the true power source of Deep Harmony. This technique is in and of itself a powerful tool to entrain and influence brainwaves, and induce the moods and states of consciousness accompaning different brainwave frequencies. Chris C. Stewart perfected this with the multi-layered "x-box harmonics". The result is nothing any ear can hear (the rhythmic pulsing some people can "hear" is actually just a fequency that is made up of our own brains), and thus works purely on the unconscious.

But the whole is more than the sum of it's parts. Deep Harmony::peace is highly effective, and often achives stunning results in an amazingly short time. It is especially indicated in times of chronic over-stimulation and long-time stress.